Friday, October 17, 2014

Too Faced Glamour Gloss - Sex Pot

 I got a deluxe sample of Too Faced Glamour Gloss (in an online order from their site) here comes a quick review! Actually there are 2.9ml of products, which is quite generous (and is comparable too/if not exceed various full-sized glosses out there, like Physicians Formula, Revlon and Stila Lip Glaze) and should last for a few weeks of frequent use.
Sex Pot is a creamy mauve - A my lips but better color that almost blends seamlessly (actually it's a tad lighter than my natural lip color so I can see milkiness up close). The texture is a nice cream-jelly that's a bit tacky but not sticky. It smells like a cross between baked sweet and medical-smelling plumping gloss, luckily the plumping portion is not predominant enough to cause anything aside from some mild tingling.
On the lips, Sex Pots looks very natural with the subtle shine. The lasting power is decent (given the tacky formula) and I think it works well as a "balm" since it locks in moisture for a little over 2 hours. Overall: I really enjoy using it given my previous my lips but better gloss (Revlon Beyond Natural Gloss in Berry) has been long discontinued.


  1. It is indeed very natural and pretty! I love legit minis like this. ;)

    1. Haha, legit minis...Now I remember those Revlon samples of colorburst gloss and lip butter (than came with target gift bag), it was literally a smear and I could barely coat one lip with it...

  2. Great everyday color! I don't know if I would pick it up alone, but if It came in a kit that would be awesome!


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