Monday, October 07, 2013

Hello Kitty Vampire Bats, Bag and Soda (with some weekend links)

New Halloween candy tins from Michael's.
 It seems to be the perfect size to hold flash drive, memory cards, paper clips and loose nibs.
Last years's orange skeletal candy also made a come back. Btw, so far all of these candy are pretty meh at best (the valeting one burns my tongue every time I ate it) so only buy them when you have a coupon.
Oh Henry! (I loved buying this from Dollarama when I was in Canada).
Random Kate Spade bag (not my favorite type of green but I like how it looks a little retro yet quiet practical/roomy).
This is actually made of leather upper (and not bad for 20 dollar shoes) but the tip looks worn and it's half a size too big.
Made in Mexico drinks - The apple one is strangely juice-like (something you wouldn't expect from soda)and the sangria one, of course, tastes a bit like wine (I am not a big fan of it though, it seems like half a glass of the real thing is much better and not really that costly).

Anyway, the Jarritos Tamarind one is really good. (Now I just need to try the fruit punch and orange ones)

By the way, I finally got a smartphone (Why yes, I have been living under a cave) so here is my instagram (@inkofmefondly). So far it's mostly stationery and glamour shots that didn't make it to the blogs.

Enough with random pictures, this week's  (wait, it's already Monday) links are:

The winner list of the 2013 Ig Nobel price (yup, this is my life goal) is out and the Medicine Price was about the positive effects of opera music on heart transplant patients...Who are mice. ( I looked at the paper and the researchers seem quite uninformed, don't they know Opera belongs to classical music?)

The Tay Bridge Disaster, a poem (just because it's hilariously bad).

Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks and an orange Cream Cheek (squee)

Essence Metal Glam & Beauty Beats Collections

New Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils

A short clip of a girl crush of mine, whose lover is also Chopin!

I always like (Japanese actress) Matsushita Nao because she gives me a gentle, big sister vibe (not to mention I like looking at tall girls with thick hair...ahem) and I knew that she has a degree in piano. I just didn't know she is pretty darn good. At least a gazillion time better than the supposedly good-looking Starlets Deutsche Grammophon has signed.  (Warning, this clip features a terribly out-of-tune piano...) 

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