Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Forest Fury - Maybelline Luminizing Eyeshadow

Forest Fury is another one of the Maybelline Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow (4 down 1 to go), I wasn't sure what could I do with this bold tropical-green palette but since it was only 4 bucks, I reckon it would be worth it for the light gold and lime. 

The five shades in the palette are: Shimmering Lime Green, golden yellow green, satiny fern green, deep matte green base with golden sparkle and a golden glittery highlighter (a little grittier compared to the one from Caffeine Rush but smoother compared to the silver glitter from the Blue Blowout and Amethyst Ablazed).
An EOTD (the sun was setting so the lighting isn't as good) with every shade except the glittery one. They all shows true to the color and easy to blend. Lasting power is very good with a primer underneath. This is definitely one of the better palette in terms of texture and wearability (I wish they throw in more muted shade though).


  1. Yup, that lime green is what keeping me from trying mine. It's still sealed sitting in "new and unsorted" box -.-'

    1. I think it can be used as a accent color on a brown-beige eye...The two deeper green give me more trouble though, I have no skill to blend them and when used undereye, the color stains and was hard to remove(stuck between the lashes).


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