Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Year of Snake and Tuesday Links

Ok, this is a little late for the Chinese New Year wishes and the time is also a little awkward, but the weather is too gloomy for actual post so here are some interesting reads I have accumulated for the past month:
Visitor on the front yard (of course I used the full zoom to shoot it...)

Newish spring 2013 beauty releases in Japanese drugstore

 Catrice Neo Geisha Collection - Yawn at the theme but yay for the lip brush.
A golden piece of relationship advice from your friendly neighborhood pastor.

As a former Torontonian, I am having a schadenfreude moment here.

Kim Kardashian won Grammy for her contribution to Classical Music ...Wut 

Whoever manages the NPR Classical's twitter, he/she is funny

With this pen, any studying would be a pleasure

9 Remarkable Cases of Lost in Translation 

A province-by-province portrait of China - The choice for Fujian's representative was little unfortunate (he picked a Feizhuliu/Mainland China's take on emo)

Video of the week - An illustrated brief history of music.

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