Sunday, August 05, 2012

Pen and Paper - A Healthier Addiction?

The Fancy nib (too thick to be called "fine")  of Ohto F-Spirit Fountain Pen  - A surprisingly smooth one for the 16.5-bucks price tag. Now I wish they bring back the converter for it.
My choo-choo jetoy cashbook, that's a little worn out by now. (It's a well made book with high quality paper, but it doesn't take fountain pen ink well, with the special special textured/smooth paper).
An ancient haul (from China) - The flat mechanical pencils (designed for speedy scantron-filling/of course it would be useless if your the scantron bubbles are round)  are still with me. I think I have seen similar German-made ones called "lead holder" for 10-30bucks but mine were 1.5yuan a piece (0.25 US dollar) and they work perfectly.
Cat Notepad (from a gift shop in a museum) and Domo notebooks from the clearance racks in Toys' R us....

Here are some sites/blogs that are (not) helping with the new (maybe not so new, since fountain pens are my default writing instrument when I was in elementary school) found interest.

The Pen Addict

Drawing With Squirrel
Stationery reviews accompanied by artwork

Youtuber - SBRE Brown  (and his every day carry system)

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