Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Revlon Rosy Cream Lip Gloss

You guys have seen the review here and the swatch in my summer must have post but I think it deserves an individual page since it's such a pretty color. Anyway, it's more convinient to link a shorter post (minus the rambling) when I do a lip combo with this gloss in the future.
I probably won't though, since I do like it very much by itself and I only combine 2 different products if I think they are not pretty enough.It's a sort of a my lips but better peachy color with very delicate shimmer (that's not even visible unless you look very closely) the gloss takes a bit of an affort to spread especially on dryier lips (the shade in berry seem to be the most user friendly one) but once it settles, the finish is a subtle moist shine and a bit of warmth, this is one of the very few nude lip gloss that doesn't have the pigment floating problem, at least on me.

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  1. I want this!! I'll have to check stores now... I'm unsure if they are avilable in India!!



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