Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paul & Joe Lip Gloss Revisit

There are a couple of lip products I got quite a go, I realized that they deserve a second chance (if I bashed them in my previous review), more spot light or simply better picture...that's why you are seeing these revisit posts.
Paul & Joe Lip Gloss in 05 (or was it 01, I peeled off the sticker with the color label on). It's a cream coral with very subtle shimmer so it's practically just a creamy gloss once it's on the lips. When I first got it, I was quite frustrated that I spent this much money on a tube of gloss with such a poor pigmentation that it looks just like an average pink gloss. Then I realized, it's not exactly Paul & Joe's fault that it turns out as cool pink, since (beside the beautiful packaging) Japanese lip gloss are usually on the sheer/wearable side and they, unlike Western brands, usually put an emphasis on the finish rather than the high color impact. Since the color already has a good deal of pink on it, wearing it on top of my will very mauve base lips so it's unlikely to get that tiny bit of warmth out anyway.The gloss is actually very unique and nice, not only it has a non-sticky cream-gel texture that feels very good on the lips and lasts around 2 hours. There is a good enough pigmentation to distinguish itself from the drugstore glosses yet it's not as harsh as those super rich-creamy gloss that make you go "if I really want this much of color, I will just ditch gloss and go for lipstick."


  1. I actually really want to try out their gloss. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Crystal:
    I think their lip lacquer might be better choice to look into since I have this gloss for almost 2 years and it seems to smell funny already...


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