Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's the inside that counts

Since I don't want to offend too many people in a short period of time (reads: I have a couple of those jerk posts scheduled) the question of this week would be more lighthearted:

What's your favorite type and (or) brand of undergarment?

(Pictured: Ig Nobel Prize (Public Health) Winner Dr. Elena Bodnar and her convertible bra that turns into two protective face masks: one for you, another for a "needy bystander". )

I have tried several brands of bras: The infamous Victoria's Secret (the over-padding gets on my nerve), Aerie by American Eagle (not comfortable enough)and my favorite are the wireless racer-backs from Calvin Klein.

They are all quite comfy, don't cost an arm and a leg if you look for them in stores like Marshalls and they are a breeze to machine wash (as long as you don't get the off white one). As for underpants, I like Barely There, VS granny cotton panties you get for free with those daily spam/coupon things and I have a bunch of Aeries ones that I don't know why...


  1. I still like Victoria's Secret. They have unpadded ones (which you probably already know) but some of them aren't too bad. I used to like the PINK line a lot, but they discontinued my favorite style. ): I agree with you about the Calvin Klein though. Sometimes you can get them cheaper at Costco! The Aerie underwear stuff is just bleh. Not that comfy, don't fit well for me. VS PINK panties all the way! lol

  2. smiley13tree:
    I have an unpadded VS one but it's sort of grandma styled...


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